Saturday, August 27, 2016

Ivo Zadarsky

Ivo is an American character that was born in Communist Czechoslovakia. His initial claim to fame is chronicled by his Ivoprop company, "3 A.M., August 4, 1984 - A young man, working in starlit darkness, feverishly completes the assembly of a homemade trike aircraft. Carefully, he points the wheels in the direction of Vienna, thirty miles away on the other side of the Czechoslovakian border The silence is finally broken by the starting of a two-cylinder Trabant auto engine and the quiet swishing of the propeller sound swells to a blare as the shadowy delta-wing moves forward across the plowed field and lifts off. Ivo Zdarsky is on his way to becoming the first refugee to successfully fly a homebuilt aircraft over the Iron Curtain to freedom."

He sold that plane to the Checkpoint Charlie Museum in Berlin, "It is one of the most frequently visited museums in Berlin, with 850,000 visitors in 2007. Through its presentation of the many ways in which people tried to escape East Germany, it aims to bring that period of history to life and ensure that it is not forgotten. At the same time the museum has been criticised for having too little space for the exhibits, the way they are presented and the explanatory texts that accompany them are considered out of date and ideologically biased. A critical examination of western propaganda in the cold war and especially on the subject of the Berlin Wall is non-existent."[Wikipedia].

Ivo founded a propeller company, (One of his props is on its way to Mars as the first interplanetary Ivoprop), and is now an inventor in Utah. Ivo would love to visit SANS Rocky Mountain where he would be in an environment with other creative successful Americans.

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