Wednesday, October 5, 2016

George H. Stevenson founder of Stevenson WA

There was another famous George Stevenson in the UK that specialized in trains, maybe you have heard of Stephenson's rocket.

The  town  of  Stevenson  got  its  name  from  two  early  businessmen,  George H.  and
brother Momen  Stevenson,  who  bought  the  land,  much  of  it  originally  part  of  the  Shephard
family’s donation land claim, and platted the town in 1891.

The  Stevenson  Land  Co.  was  incorporated  in  1893  (No.  3  in  the  county  auditor’s
files or articles of incorporation) with George H. Stevenson, George Bell and Seymour Bell
as directors and a capital stock of $24,000, (which was the purchase price of the original town).

At this time, the country seat was the town of Cascades. In a dispute over rent, the county records from Cascades were relocated to Stevenson at which point it became the county seat.

The “big flood” of 1894 brought water almost up to F
ront Street, but did no actual
damage.  In  fact,  it    set  off  one  of  the  biggest  salmon  runs  in  history  and  Mrs.  Minnie
Stevenson is said to have made over $2,000 with the use of a dip net

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