Monday, June 27, 2016

1 James Otis Kenyon - Dentist, arsonist, famous high quality wine

This is a new blog devoted to some of the characters that made our country great and helped forge that special personality of a very special country, the United States of America.

We will start with James Otis Kenyon. If you are from Eastern Washington, you probably think of Otis Canyon as a wine and you would be right. But the wine is named after the man.

He was a dentist in Milton Freewater and wasn't making a lot of money. When another dentist moved into town, he responded by burning his shop down. His family divorced and disowned him, he went to the Eastern Oregon Mental Institution for less than two  years, "where he was a model patient who spent his time doing dental work on the other patients and staff[NWNEWS]. The word is that his family pretended he was dead and never spoke of him. However, his grandson, Stephen, found him and they were close until Otis death at 101 years of age.

The winery uses his name and for good measure, if you order their wine, they throw in a book of matches. Otis would have loved visiting SANS Rocky Mountain 2017 because of its matchless course lineup and instructors.

Otis Kenyon matches

I serve as chair for SANS Rocky Mountain 2017, June 12 in Denver. I think Otis Kenyon would have loved to visit as we share his sense of competitiveness, (though we don't burn our competition down, at least not that way).

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