Sunday, July 10, 2016

Shetamia Taylor - protected son in Dallas shooting

A few weeks ago Kathy and I watched the movie Protocol with Goldie Hawn, where she is shot trying to prevent an assassination and is thrust into the spotlight. I wonder what will happen with Shetamia Taylor, will she be able to use her fame to effect change, or will if be 15 minutes of fame. Only time will tell, but one thing is certain, she is one of the characters that make America the country that it is.

She gave a television interview a couple hours ago and made some very cogent points. As the mother of four black kids, after so much senseless violence, she sat down with her sons and said if you are dealing with the police be respectful and comply. Right now tensions are high on all sides.

Another important takeaway from her interview was when they heard the first shot they weren't sure what it was, it was so close to the 4th of July. The second shot tagged an officer that told her, "he has a gun, run".

In Hawaii, we refer to a perceptor, that has a strong emotional response as follows, "that gave me chicken skin". When we got to the part of the interview where she was laying on her son to project him and told the officer she was hit and he jumped on top of her, that gave me chicken skin. And other officer at their feet, another covering their heads, still more lined up along the wall. This is a strong and much needed word picture for the time we are going through.

Then she saw another officer get shot and the grief Shetamia exhibits is clearly genuine. They managed to extract Shetamia and her son in a squad car to the hospital and she talks about praying all the way, she was separated from her other sons and then she expresses gratitude, "I'm thankful for the Dallas Police Department. When she refers to the shooter she says, "I'm sorry that person thought that it would be OK." and does not mention him by name; nice. We are all very busy, but if you have the chance to watch and share the video, please do. This is the message we need to dwell upon.

Shetamia is a true American character. And I hope that she has more than 15 minutes of fame. I tossed her name into Google before announcing this post on Linkedin and all I could find were stories from July. If you know where she is today, what she is doing, how she is doing please leave me a comment.

Stephen Northcutt is the chair of SANS Rocky Mountain 2017 in Denver 6/12/17. Normally, I base the evening talks on just cybersecurity, but if you know someone in law enforcement in the Denver area that can give a credible talk on what to /not to do when there is a shooter, please introduce us, seems like this is happening a bit too much.

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